Selah Dinner

My choir “Selah” had an end-of-the-year dinner together last night.  Several of us are leaving Norway at the end of the semester, so it was a bit of a goodbye for those who can’t be in the choir next year.  Henriette was our lovely host for the evening, and she held the dinner in her parents’ home.  The house dates back to 1912, and it’s decorated very tastefully.  I especially love the traditional Norwegian woodwork and painting.

A carved, wooden chandelier! Can I have one in my home someday?

I love these traditional colors

We had a potluck style dinner, with everyone bringing a little something.  There was everything from Chinese potstickers to Norwegian stewed peas.  It was really fun to see what kind of homemade goodies everyone brought.  I was very impressed by Arnstein’s homemade raisin buns.  Who would have known he was such an accomplished baker?  And Henriette’s spice cake, with the name of the choir written on it, was divine!

Meat cakes, sausages, lømper, lingonberries, stewed peas, potstickers, noodles, and spring rolls made for quite the international fare!

Mmmm... the best spice cake I've ever eaten!

One interesting drawback to being in a choir is that when you’re always singing in it, you never have the chance to step back and hear the music from the audience’s perspective.  I know that often I’m so focused on singing my part that I can’t hear how it’s coming together as a whole choir.  So, someone recorded the choir’s recent Easter performance and loaded the sound files onto the web.  We played a few of these over the course of the evening, and I think we were all pleasantly surprised by our little choir’s performance.  Nothing we’d be asked to perform in Carnegie Hall, mind you, but not too shabby either.  Here is the page with pictures and links to our songs: (“Dance and Sing” is my favorite!)

Selah Christian Student Choir

The dinner last night was such a nice finale to this great year with Selah.  I have made such wonderful friends, and I learned that singing in a choir was more fun than I expected it to be!  I will certainly miss Selah next year.


~ by brookeinnorway on May 1, 2010.

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  1. Told you choir was fun. 😉

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