May Blizzard Blues

This is the sight keeping me company outside my window today:

Blizzards in May are abominable!

Cheery, isn’t it?

I am really fed up with this unending winter.  I used to think that my mood wasn’t affected by the weather, but that was before experiencing a 6-month-long winter in Norway.  I used to like snow too, for that matter.  But not in April, and absolutely NOT in May!

Things really aren’t so bad, though.  Saturday afternoon, I made delectable vanilla bean scones with my friend Lin, and we played several fun rounds of Farkle afterward.  I think Lin rigged the dice.  She managed to roll 5-of-a-kind TWO TIMES!  🙂  Sunday afternoon I picked this pretty bouquet of woodland flowers on my way back from Church fellowship.

These delicate beauties grow wild under the trees.

I’ve been working quite hard on my Hardanger project lately.  It takes so much time, but with BBC dramas like North & South and episodes of Man vs. Wild to keep me company, I’m starting to make good progress.  At this rate, I may actually finish it before Christmas!

Tar masse timer, men jeg har et par måneder igjen!

So, Aaron arrives in 8 days, and I have only two weeks of lab work left.  We’re both so excited about our upcoming hiking trips that we’ll go whether there’s snow or sun.  Let’s hope for option #2.


~ by brookeinnorway on May 4, 2010.

One Response to “May Blizzard Blues”

  1. Lovely pictures, Brooke. Possibly you could coherse grandpa Bill into carving one of those beautiful chandeliers for you. Make sure that he gets a good look at one while he is in Norway. It could encourage him to finally retire for real! ha, ha, ha.
    Love Mom

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