Guess Who’s Here!

Aaron arrived yesterday!  He was a champ when it came to navigating the airports and connecting flights, and he arrived in Oslo yesterday.  I met him at the airport, and we had a great first afternoon and evening together.  Aaron came into the lab with me during the afternoon and got to see the work I do.  He also got the grand tour of the house I live in and met the other students who live here.  When we were walking through the house, his observation was, “It’s kinda like a club house.” LOL!

A book on a bench took this pic.

After dinner, Aaron and I took a long stroll through the university campus and town.  He enjoyed seeing the old buildings with fantastic architecture on the campus.  We had a fun time taking pictures of each other and setting up our cameras on timer mode to get photos of both of us.  The trees are just beginning to leaf out, and there are lots of daffodils and other spring bulbs in bloom, so it’s a fun season for taking photos.

We liked these pillars.

Meadow of woodland flowers!

Look at those great animals over the entrance. Definitely an agricultural school!

As we walked through the town, Aaron commented that “all the houses are either red or yellow or white.”  Yep, that pretty much sums it up.  Both of us are wondering what the reason for that is.  Low selection at the paint stores?  🙂  We both got a kick out of the Russ kids (highschool seniors celebrating their last month before graduation).  They all wear these funny red pants during the “Russetid”, and they drive around playing loud music in old buses that they’ve painted red.  And if kids aren’t “Russ”, then they’re often wearing really funny clothing, such as neon green jeans or rainbow striped hoodies.  It’s hilarious!

Aaron liked these houses, because they're VERY typical of Norway.

Aaron and I stopped in at the grocery store to buy a couple food items, since Thursday the 13th is Ascension Day, and EVERYTHING is closed in recognition of this holiday.  It’s an interesting cultural experience to have to plan ahead every time there’s a holiday, because everything shuts down on Sundays and holidays.  If you find yourself out of milk, too bad!  We bought reindeer salami and potato chips.  That ought to get us through til Friday. 😉

It’s Thursday morning now, and I woke Aaron up at 8:15.  He grumbled about “having to get up so early”, but this short time in Norway is no time to be sleeping the day away!  We started off with hot mochas, and now we’re working on breakfast.  We plan to head over to Drøbak today, my favorite local haunt.  Should be a fun outing.


~ by brookeinnorway on May 13, 2010.

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