The End

The time has come for me to leave Norway.  I have mixed feelings today, as I pack the last few details in my luggage.  I am sad to leave behind the good friends that I have made here, and I will certainly miss the great outdoors, but I am ready to come home.

The last week has been spent traveling around southern Norway with Aaron and my paternal grandparents.  It was great that they managed to squeeze in a visit while I was still here.  I enjoyed showing them some of my favorite sights, and I think they enjoyed the time as well.  The architecture of Røros, the impressive ski jump in Lillehammer, the walled fortress of Gamlebyen Fredrikstad, and the great museums in Oslo were just some of the highlights of our trip.

Yesterday, Grandma and Grandpa left Norway and continued traveling east.  Today, Aaron and I travel home together.  I’m looking forward to being with family again and good friends that I have missed.  I’m also looking forward to having Starbucks, a clothes dryer, napkins at meal times, and English muffins again.  🙂

Farewell, Norway.  I will be back someday!


~ by brookeinnorway on June 8, 2010.

One Response to “The End”

  1. have a safe trip back!

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